Art Room - Lifting the Veil Exhibit
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Welcome to "Lifting the Veil" Art Room at the Somerville Museum, Somerville, Massachusetts

Historic staircase with Randal Thurston's "A Field of Crosses" sample_stairway.jpg (52707 bytes)
John R. Buzzell, the rioters' ringleader, bragged of throwing 12 pianos out of the convent window.
Margaret B. Tittemore's installation, "A Question: How should does a girl learn to become a woman?" sample_classroom.jpg (23582 bytes)
Lorey Bonante's mixed media installation "Underneath My Sweetness."
Wheel of Art

The pointing finger, when spun by the viewer, proposes multiple perspectives from which a work of art may be viewed, suggesting that a viewer’s response depends on the lens through which he or she looks. The Wheel of Art was created for the exhibition by Nancy Natale, with textual assistance from Shawn Hill and Nancy Schultz



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