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Welcome to "Lifting the Veil" History Room at the Somerville Museum, Somerville, Massachusetts

Cases depicting convent artifacts in the History Room. artifacts
convent bell The convent's bell that called that community to prayer and to daily routine.
Cartoons from David Claypoole Johnston's Scraps 1835, satirized anti-catholic views of the time. cartoon
book display Anti-Catholic convent captivity narratives were best sellers in the 19th century.
A woodcut from Harry Hazel's 1845 Nun of St. Ursula, used on the cover of Fire and Roses. woodcut
Somerville, MA, convent ruins An 1854 view of Somerville, Massachusetts from the ruins of the Ursuline convent.
The pointing finger, when spun by the viewer, proposes multiple causes for the violence that erupted in the burning of the Ursuline convent, suggesting the role of interpretation in understanding historical events. The Wheel of History was created for the exhibition by Nancy Natale, with textual assistance from Shawn Hill and Nancy Schultz. wheel of history



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