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As part of her on-going research, Nancy Schultz is still looking for convent artifacts. Shown here is a silver medal presented to Maria Cotting, that was in the possession of her daughter, Miss Sarah E. Holmes, a Somerville, Massachusetts resident during the 1930s. The medal now resides in a private collection.

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Maria Cotting Medal           Maria Cotting Medal
"Presented by the Ladies of the Ursuline Community to Miss Maria W. Cotting
for her amiable Deportment and general good conduct." 
Back: "Mount Benedict, Charlestown, Mass, May 1st, 1830."

If you are a descendant of any of the students listed here, or you believe you may own a convent artifact, please contact the author.

Partial List of Students

Caroline Adams
Sarah Adams
Sarah Arms
Josephine Barber
Sarah Barker
Maria Barnard
Hannah Bartlett
Lucretia Beckford
Ellen Bennett
Rebecca Bennett
Frances Bent
Maria Bent
Susan Bridge
Sophia Brown
Sarah Brownell
Martha Brundell
Mary Bullard
Catherine Callahan
Sarah J. Chase
Sarah Colburn
Mary Ann Coleman
Martha E. Cotting
S. Maria W. Cotting
Charlotte Crehore
Thesta Dana
Julia Danforth
Ann Dean
Sarah Dean
Adelaide Disbrow
Mary Jane Dill
Millicent Dublois
Harriet Edes
Nancy Elwell
Rebecca Elwell
Ann Emmet
Helen Endicott
Penelope English
Eliza D. Fay
Maria D. Fay
Catherine Ferguson
Susan Ferguson
Jane Fraser
Mary Ann Fraser
Lucy Gay
Anna Gibbs
Josephine Gibbs
Ann Gordon
Rachel Graham
Mary Green
Ann Grinnell
Cynthia Hall
Cornelia Hammond
Georgiana Hammond
Martha Harris
Elizabeth Harrison
Mary Hartshorn
Juliet Hutchings
Mathilda Hutchings
Virginia Hutchings
Frances Ireland
Ellen Jackson
Susanna Johnson
Mary Kelly
Mary King
Caroline Little
Mary Jane Mariner
Catalina Mason
Harriet Mason
Elizabeth Maguire
Maria McMurtrie
Emily Mead
Lucy Mears
Garafilia Mohalbi
Susan Moody
Sarah Morfield
Mary A. Morrell
Louisa Murdock
Elizabeth Newton
Julia O’Boit
Mary O’Brien
Frances Ostinelli
Elizabeth Page
Ann Augusta Parkman
Hannah Parkman
Julia Pearce
Mary Peduzzi
Gertrude Pend
Charlotte Penniman
Jane Penniman
Martha Penniman
Frances Percival
Mary Percival
Susan Perrault
Eloise Peters
Harriet Peters
Mary Jane Peterson
Ann Eliza Prentiss
Mary Ann Quin
Ardelle Rhodes
Heloise Rhodes
Julia Robbins
Martha E. Robinson
Geraldine Russell
Ida Russell
Caroline Sanderson
Frances Sargent
Sarah Sawyer
Mary B. Shinkwin
Elizabeth Sisson
Anita Smith
Mary Soule
Ellen Stacy
Harriet Stearns
Emily Stickney
Frances Stoddard
Malvina Storer
Rosalina Storer
Margaret Stuart
Sarah Stuart
Lucy Thaxter
Mary Thaxter
Hannah Thompson
Margaret Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Tilden
Catherine Trull
Lydia Turner
Maria Tyler
Abby Utley
Mary Utley
Mary Ann Wales
Catherine Walley
Mary Walley
Miriam Walley
Susan Webster
Ellen Weld
Ann Maria White
Mary Whitmarsh
Margaret Whymbs
Mary Wilcox
Louisa Wilcox
Elizabeth W. Williams
Julia Williams
Melaney Williams
Penelope Williams
Sarah Williams
Sarah S. Williams
Susan Williams
Elizabeth Willis
Elizabeth Woodbury
Sarah Woodbury
Nancy Worthen

Access to Quebec records denied

One obstacle to solving the mystery of the disappearance of Mary Anne Moffatt has been the privacy laws in Quebec. Unlike many church records in the United States, which can be consulted after 75 years, the government of the Province of Quebec regulates access of records back to the founding days. The author would like to hear from any researchers who have encountered difficulty with research in the Province of Quebec because of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

Read a letter the author received from Robert Parent, Acting Director of Analysis and Evaluation at the The Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec, dated February 24, 1999.


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