Other Books by N.L. Schultz

Salem: Place, Myth, and Memory
Edited by Dane Anthony Morrison and Nancy Lusignan Schultz

How is a sense of place created, imagined, and reinterpreted over time? That is the intriguing question addressed in this comprehensive look at the 400-year, multi-layered history of Salem, Massachusetts, and the experiences of fourteen generations of people who lived in a place forever enshrined, indeed mythologized, in the public imagination by the horrific witch trials and executions of 1692 and 1693. read more...

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Fear Itself
Fear Itself: Enemies Real & Imagined in American Culture (Purdue University Press, 1999) explores the role fear of newcomers has played in the scapegoating of various groups since the arrival of the first settlers.


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A Veil of Fear A Veil of Fear: Nineteenth-Century Convent Tales by Rebecca Reed and Maria Monk reprints some of the original documents connected with the burning of the Ursuline convent, including the narrative of escaped nun Rebecca Reed, who published Six Months in a Convent just as the trials of the convent rioters were winding down in 1835.


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